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About Us

Australia Royal Deer provide
premium deer health products to
enhance and supplement
maximum physical performance,
stamina and general wellbeing.

Our company founded upon experts in the deer products industry, bringing together a wide range of valuable skills and experience. We harness the strength and efficacy of free-range Deer through a carefully integrated system from the farm to the finished product.

• 100% natural and active ingredients guaranteed

Our location.

Australia Royal Deer has been operating since 2000's in Gold Coast to provide the best premium deer products!

What we do.

We make deer health products for those wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle by using Traditional Chinese Medicine. We take co-products from deer (Cervus elaphus), and process using high standards to produce products that can be use as a convenient, easy way to consume and through it gain the health benefits of the deer products.


Quality, quality and quality, that is the utmost importance when it comes to our product! Quality is our number one focus. We aim to bring you product that is 100% natural and in the best form possible. We start with premium Deer, process while meeting all health and safety standards and deliver a finished product in well-presented, quality packaging.

All processes are met with the highest hygiene standards and maintained at an elevated level. All Royal Australia Deer products are harvested by accredited technicians. Immediately after collection, product is inspected, labelled to ensure the origin and accurate identification.

We look forward to sharing the health benefits of our deer products with you.